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(30% NET within 14 months)

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Your Trusted Partner in Luxury Property Investment​

  • Understanding Your Needs: Recognising that luxury property investment requires both financial commitment and a trusted partner.
  • Tailored Investment Avenues:
    • Passive Investment:
      • Enjoy a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).
      • We manage the intricacies of property management and maintenance.
    • Direct Ownership:
      • Full control over your investment.
      • Benefit from our speciality in refurbishment services to enhance property value and appeal.
  • Comprehensive In-House Expertise:
    • Property acquisition
    • Design and architectural insight
    • Construction excellence
    • Resale expertise

Our Services

Our clients entrust us with their most significant transactions and disputes due to our expertise in navigating challenges and mitigating risks.

Property Acquisition

Expert guidance in purchasing property assets in the UAE especially throughout the whole of the UAE

Design & Construction

Crafting beautiful and practical spaces with specialist design and construction services.


Revamping properties with inventive and top-notch refurbishments by our in-house teams


Assisting clients in swiftly and effectively selling their properties in Dubai.

Luxury Property Services

Providing expert advice on property investment opportunities throughout the UAE

Investment Advice

Specializing in premium properties and delivering outstanding service throughout the UAE

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Transform Your Dream into Reality

Discover our unparalleled luxury home building and refurbishment services today and enhance your living standards.

Why Choose AIZ for Real Estate Investments?

Our clients entrust us with their paramount transactions and disagreements. They recognise our prowess in navigating challenges and significantly reducing risks.

Proven Expertise

Years of experience in the Dubai real estate investment sector.

Risk Mitigation

Advanced strategies and procedures to protect your investments

Client-Centred Approach

Custom-tailored solutions crafted to meet every client's unique needs

Unparalleled Support

A dedicated team is always on hand, ready to provide expert guidance and advice.

Innovative Solutions

harnessing and leveraging the very latest market trends and cutting-edge technologies

Trustworthy Reputation

A legacy of satisfied clients and successful property ventures ensuring satisfaction with clients

High quality finishings by our designer

Our dedication to perfection is evident in even the minutest details. At Starling, we take pride in presenting top-tier finishes from esteemed Italian designers.

From opulent materials to masterful craftsmanship, our properties epitomise a harmonious blend of elegance and sophistication, resulting in spaces that radiate enduring allure and unmatched style.

Invest in Villa Renovations with AIZ Real Estate Brokerage

Our passive investment program lets you earn significant returns with a 60% share of the ROI, while we take 40%. For projected returns, see the calculator below. Experience the perks of property investment without the complexities of its management.

Our experienced team handles everything from property purchase to tenant management. We ensure your investment thrives and remains well-maintained. Receive regular updates and enjoy our commitment to transparency and ongoing communication.

Please note: Past returns aren’t guarantees for future results; market conditions can affect ROI.

Contact us now to explore the benefits of investing with AIZ Real Estate Brokerage.

Renovation Investments in Dubai: Enhancing Property Value

Dubai’s real estate is synonymous with luxury, and strategic renovations can significantly boost a property’s market appeal and value. Here are some considerations and associated costs when refurbishing in this dynamic emirate:

  1. Strategic Value Addition: Prioritise high-ROI renovations such as kitchen and bathroom makeovers, extensions, and smart home integrations.

  2. Elevated Market Appeal: Modernised properties stand out in Dubai’s competitive market, attracting premium buyers and tenants.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Given Dubai’s climate, energy-efficient upgrades, like advanced cooling systems and thermal insulation, are both value-adding and cost-saving.

  4. Preservation of Property: Regular maintenance and refurbishments combat the wear and tear from the region’s conditions, safeguarding your investment.

Associated Costs:

  • DLD Fee: The Dubai Land Department charges roughly 4% on property transactions.

  • Broker’s Fee: Typically, brokers in Dubai command a 2% fee of the property’s value.

  • Renovation Costs: These are variable, depending on the renovation’s scope.

  • NOC Fee: This No Objection Certificate fee, required by developers or community management, can vary.

Remember to account for these factors in your budget and utilise tools, like our ROI calculator, to gauge the potential returns from your renovation endeavours in Dubai.

Considering a renovation investment in Dubai? Let our experienced team guide you. Share your enquiries and investment goals in the contact form below, and we’ll be in touch promptly.

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