Mortgages in Dubai Interest Free: Addressing the Big Question

Are mortgages in Dubai interest free? is a question that frequently emerges amongst those eyeing property investments in this Middle Eastern glittering oasis. The short answer to this burning query? No. Dubai, with its unique financial systems, often gives rise to such myths. Let’s delve deeper and offer you the insights needed to debunk this misconception.

Understanding the Current Mortgage Rates

For those considering a move to Dubai or even just an investment in its thriving property market, understanding the mortgage landscape is crucial. Here are the current numbers:

  • Residents: A mortgage rate of 5.24% awaits Dubai’s residents. It’s competitive compared to many global rates, but it’s important to remember it’s not without interest.

  • Non-residents: For those not residing in Dubai but keen on owning a piece of its skyline, the mortgage rate is a bit higher at 6.7%. It’s a tad steeper, possibly due to the transient nature of some non-residents and the perceived higher risk associated.

How Long are Mortgages Typically in Dubai?

Mortgage tenures can vary based on numerous factors, including the lending bank, the borrower’s profile, and the property in question. However, on average, mortgage durations in Dubai can stretch up to 25 years for residents. Non-residents, on the other hand, might find the tenure slightly shorter due to the aforementioned risks and other financial logistics.

The Distinction: Resident vs. Non-Resident Mortgages

To further understand the nuances, let’s delve into the differences between a mortgage for Dubai residents and a non-resident mortgage:

  • Eligibility: While residents, both UAE nationals and expatriates, can avail of a mortgage quite seamlessly, non-residents might face more stringent checks. Their income source, creditworthiness in their home country, and their stay’s duration in Dubai can play a pivotal role in mortgage approval.

  • Down Payment: Non-residents might have to shell out a higher down payment compared to residents. It’s a bank’s way of ensuring they have a more significant stake in the property and thus, a reduced likelihood of defaulting.

  • Documentation: Both categories require thorough documentation, from employment proofs to bank statements. However, non-residents might find themselves furnishing more international documents, making the process slightly more tedious.

Mortgages in Dubai Interest Free: The Origin of the Myth

It’s fascinating how myths originate and take root. The concept of “interest-free mortgages” possibly stems from the Islamic banking system’s principles, which oppose the idea of “riba” or interest. Dubai, being an Islamic city, naturally hosts a range of banks offering Sharia-compliant financial products, including home finance solutions. These are not “interest-free” but rather operate on profit rates based on leasing or partnership agreements. It’s essential to discern this difference and understand the terms before making any financial commitments.


While the allure of “mortgages in Dubai interest free” might sound too good to resist, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction. If you’re considering investing in the Dubai property market, arm yourself with the right information, consult with a local mortgage advisor, and make informed choices. With its ever-evolving skyline and promising economic prospects, Dubai remains a lucrative investment hub, interest or no interest

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